Buy a Hoodie - and help a child with Cancer !

Our Story

We founded Real Eazy after our 9 year old daughter Betsi, was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Ewing Sarcoma in November 2021. You can find out more about Betsi’s journey on Instagram @betsiatthemarsden

As she went through her chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, she was constantly monitored and cared for by the amazing medical professionals and support staff, across multiple hospitals in London and the surrounding areas.

Whilst undergoing her treatment, it soon became apparent that as part of her care she was often disturbed, whilst resting or sleeping, to access her medical lines.

During chemotherapy the access required was more frequent both day and night, and required either partial or total removal of her sleepwear.

This was obviously vital to her care, but at a time when she was at her weakest and needed to rest as much as possible.

This was the trigger that inspired us to design sleepwear that would allow medical access with minimal movement, allowing the child to rest and not feel self-conscious.

The situation the children are going through is already extremely challenging and hard to deal with. They are often left feeling vulnerable and that they look a certain way different to others, so the pyjamas will help them to feel more comfortable, but also look more ‘normal’ and this is where and why the idea of the adaptive pyjamas was born.

As a family it was also very important for us to show Betsi that we were all in this together and she wasn’t alone, therefore a simple thing such as us all being able to wear the same pyjamas (hers of course being adapted) provided her with that comfort of the family unity and her not feeling different.

Our one 4 one promise.

By purchasing one of our super comfy hoodies, you will automatically release the funds to allow the donation (completely free of charge) of a set of our specially adapted sleepwear pyjamas to a child who is receiving treatment for cancer.

So whilst wearing your hoody you can also feel proud in the knowledge that a child with cancer is benefitting also!

When you wear your hoody please help to promote our cause on social media and amongst your friends and family we would love to hear from you.

Real Eazy are committed to help as many children with cancer as possible! Your purchase from us will allow us to achieve this!

We thank you all for your support.

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